North Carolina Military Foundation

North Carolina is honored to be the home of so many military installations and servicemembers and I am proud of our strong military and defense sector economy. The NC Military Foundation plays a critical role in supporting and growing our defense economy and North Carolina is fortunate to have its insight and influence working on behalf of our state.    

– Governor Roy Cooper

The North Carolina Military Foundation is a private, non-profit economic development group focused on growing North Carolina's defense & homeland security economy in a way that generates new long-term investment and job opportunities.

Led by some of the nation’s most distinguished military retirees and the state’s preeminent corporate citizens, the Foundation creates partnerships between government, industry, military, and academia that highlight North Carolina's areas of competitive advantage and meet the emerging needs of our nation's military.

When founded in 2006, the Foundation gave North Carolina its first real appreciation of the military infrastructure within its borders and outlined a path to maintain and expand these military assets. Since then, the annual economic impact of military installations and defense related industry in North Carolina has growth from $18 billion to over $66 billion, making it the state's second largest economic sector.

The Foundation is today N.C.’s foremost defense-related economic development organization. Its ability to identify, foster and execute complex initiatives has and will continue to create opportunities for the state’s private and public sector while augmenting the capabilities of the nation’s military. 

The Foundation’s Defense Asset Inventory and Target Industry Cluster Analysis pinpoints where the state’s strengths in industry, academia and R&D coincide with the emerging needs of the military and homeland security. This strategy – actionable by industry and economic developers across the state – promotes innovation clusters for six target markets where North Carolina can best compete:

The Foundation is a statewide, non-partisan and nonprofit economic development organization funded entirely by its corporate board members. All board members serve voluntarily. 


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