The North Carolina Veterans Foundation Comes to Life

The North Carolina Veterans Foundation is up and running! In recognition of the enormous number of veterans who will make the transition out of the military in the coming years, this new Foundation will work on the strategic level to coordinate the transition assistance efforts of the state, military, and industry. Its mission is to aid our nation’s veterans by raising awareness and effecting positive change on their most critical post-service needs: PTSD/TBI, transition into the workforce, and financial coaching and counseling for veterans and their families. Our team has worked diligently over these past few months to establish the legal and financial structure of this sister organization and is excited to see these efforts paying off.
The Foundation is already making headway in this space by working with senior leaders of our Military, as well as our elected officials at the state and national levels to promote programs that will broaden access to services for our veteran population and will create a sustainable, vibrant workforce for the state of North Carolina. The Foundation is actively supporting the Navy’s Wounded Warrior Hiring Conference that has been rescheduled for May 28-29 in Raleigh, advocating medical programs with solutions for PTSD/TBI, and played a major role in the discussions that led to Wake Forest landing a $75 million grant for regenerative medicine.  The Foundation also serves on the Wake County Economic Development Board, and has teamed up with various entities that pursue and win grants that directly aid veteran transitions into the workforce. 

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